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Advanced technology to connect healthcare providers and drive EFFICIENCY.

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Efficiency Delivered

Automated Surgical Eligibility

  • Precise surgical specialty insurance data
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry
  • Real-time access to patient information
  • Improve collections and reduce denials

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Efficiency Realized

Automated Patient Registration

  • Exchange patient data and documents with your referring providers
  • Greater accurancy, fewer denials
  • Drive case volume
  • Simplify the booking process

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We have 300+ efficient clients. These healthcare providers have efficient technology.

People Are Talking About Source Plus ECHO and EASE Eligibility

  • The customer service at Encircle is very professional and prompt. I can always reach my representative by email or phone. I am able to more efficiently manage verifying patient insurance benefits. The Encircle Portal automatically transmits all of the insurance benefits after the patient is scheduled for surgery. By automatically receiving the insurance information, I am able to contact patients regarding payments for surgery in a much faster time frame.
    ~ K. Jarvis, Palmetto Surgery Center, LLC
  • "...the verification product allowed us to decrease our staff by 1/2 FTE. Also, there is greater flexibility with other staff members sharing in the verification process since everyone can see the same verification screen. They don't have to call each other to see who did what and what still needs to be done. It's all reported in real time, to everyone, at all times. I LOVE keeps my head clear and I never need to double check what I have already done!"
    ~ K. Snyder and B. Dorr, The Stone Center
  • Encircle has been the key to Michigan Endoscopy Center's successful implementation of the insurance verification process. Some of the benefits that we have experienced are increased point-of-service collections, decreased claims denials, improved workflow efficiency, and better communications with providers and clients. Encircle helps us save administrative and financial hassles and allows us to focus on the patient at the time of service.
    ~ Su Linn Evans, Michigan Endoscopy Center
  • "Implementing Encircle in our business office has really made a big impact... We pre-register all of our patients and give them estimates for their procedures. By using Encircle all of this information is at our fingertips without looking up multiple websites or calls to insurances that are usually very lengthy. It is also very helpful in that it captures all of our add-on patients that could otherwise be missed. Encircle is a great product that would be beneficial to any medical practice"
    ~ K. Howard, Lake Cumberland Surgery Center
  • Encircle has made my job so much easier. I verify around 500 cases a month. Encircle provides me with benefits and eligibility in one website without having to log in to insurance websites individually. This saves time and I am confident that the benefits are accurate. This has been very beneficial to our facility.
    ~ J. Varady, Chattanooga Pain Surgery Center
  • Encircle has been a great tool for our office knowing immediately that a patient is active with the insurance information given to us. The information provided by Encircle also saves an enormous amount of time because we no longer have to pull up each payer's website to receive the benefits or wait on the phone.
    ~ J. Marcou, Banner Health
  • "...we were introduced to Source Plus ECHO and EASE Eligibility. Their verification system was quick, efficient, time saving and interfaced with our practice management system. We couldn't work without them now!"
    ~ J Bell, High Plains Surgery Center
  • "I am extremely pleased with the Encircle product. The time it has saved us in phone calls, endless holds with the carriers has favorably increased our productivity and I am thrilled with the added bonus of the real time correcting of any demographic misinformation we get from the Physician offices. We were able to greatly increase our upfront collections because we get the information so quickly."
    ~ R. Dwight, Mission Surgery Center

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